Lise A. worked with Valentine in the September Joel clinic, and had the following to say about her experience:

I had a great time doing ground work for three mornings  with Valentine at the most recent clinic with Joel.

Valentine has a lot of try and makes an effort to understand what is being asked of her. Once she “gets it” she moves with relative ease.


She will tend to creep forward once backed up but with a few reminders stays where she is placed.  When walking along side of me she was willing to stay tuned in and stop when I stopped and moved forward when I did. At times she needed a reminder to not stop a step ahead of me and a reminder to step back but did so willingly and with only a light lift of my hand on the lead rope.
She was a bit sticky about jogging with me on the wall at the end of the lead rope but caught on with some help from a flag.
Valentine is a sweet and kind mare and is always game for a forehead rub and pets in general. She is easy to catch and bring out of her paddock even when she appears fixed to her hay net.
She likes being groomed and is easy is a pretty lady and would be a wonderful pasture pal.”