Shasta and Sunny D are two Miniature Horses that King County Animal Services seized from a property in Fall City on April 12th, 2011. They are eating well and past any refeeding concerns after a slow transition onto free-choice hay. They are also eating soaked hay pellets, beet pulp and senior feed twice a day.  They both need their teeth done and have trouble chewing the stemmier pieces of hay.  The mare, Shasta, is 11 years old and is very sweet and friendly.  She is starting to shed her heavy winter coat.  The colt/gelding is 2 1/2 years old.  He has no palpatable testicles so a blood test was taken on May 5th to rule out that he might be a cryptorchid stallion. He is much more shy and a little skittish but is starting to come around.  He’s still holding on to his winter coat. Both have been lice dusted and wormed and a fecal test was taken on May 5th.