Shay Shay has struggled with periodic bouts of lameness over the years.  Recently, it went on long enough that we called out Dr. Fleck, from the Rainland Farm Equine Clinic, for an evaluation.  He reviewed earlier x‑rays of Shay’s rotated coffin bone and thought she just might need a set of front shoes.  He felt that this would stop her from walking on dropped soles, a problem which was causing her pain.  Dr. Fleck did some blood work and left some Previcox for a short-term treatment.

Earlier this week, the lovely Greer Hei arrived to put on the new front shoes.  Shay had worn boots up to that point, but she was not concerned about getting shoes.  We think it likely she has worn them consistently in the past.

So far, Shay is happy, comfortable and sound on her adorable new shoes.

Rainland then gave us some rather fabulous news that Shay’s blood work is “normal.”  This means that for the moment, she has no dietary restrictions.  However, since she does have the look and history of a horse with metabolic issues, we will continue to manage her diet with that in mind.  Still, it’s terrific to hear that the situation has greatly improved over time.

Shay is mostly laid-back and very calm, but occasionally she gallops around with Ms. Marta.  Together, they like to put on a fancy Arabian show.  They are, after all, very fancy mares!