From Shiloh’s foster/trainer Brittney Stewart of B&D Sport Horses LLC

The SAFE Benefit Schooling Show was as big as a recognized show, without the pressure of a recognized show. Shiloh gained valuable experience points being in a big show atmosphere. She was keyed-up during Friday’s warm-up ride with the set-up of the vendors and spectator area on the berm. We had a longer warm-up period than I was anticipating, but I was able to get her settled by using lots of different dressage patterns to focus her attention. Saturday’s dressage warm-up went well in the outdoor, but she got nervous going into the indoor with no other horses, so I kept the pressure low and focussed on making it a great positive experience for her, so she became relaxed towards the end of her first dressage test at her first show! After a break in her stall, I then rode her in the trails class and she was questioning the objects, but trusted my guidance through all of the obstacles, so earned spending the rest of the day munching hay and greeting visitors in her stall. We even got to chat with her sponsor, Jennifer L.

Sunday we did 6 classes! Clover Hunters; Clover Equitation; Hunters, Trot Poles; Equitation, Trot Poles; Trails Mounted; and her favorite the Lily Hunters, Cross Rails. Shiloh learned the art of patience by hanging outside the ring and showed her interest in becoming a future jumper or eventer. Shiloh perked up and wanted to jump big and at the show displayed the same brave and fearless attitude she does at home when it comes to jumping. I was able to steer and point her over the middle of the cross-rails, with reminders to listen to my half-halts. Shiloh and I didn’t display a rhythmical hunter style, but showed her interest in being a jumper as she tackled the cross-rail obstacles like a jumper going for speed. It was a huge honor to represent SAFE and take Shiloh to her first show. So pleased with Shiloh as she learned to take in the show!