Here are photos of Sienna taken at NWESC at the beginning of her stay there. You can really see how awful her feet were in these photos. It was incredibly difficult for her to walk with feet this long.


Here is an update from NWESC on Sienna’s progress:

Sienna is doing really well with her handling and hoof trimming. She is catchable although still very cautiously and she get spooked/nervous occasionally. She is good for the most part about being groomed and touched most places (probably not all the way under her belly or between her hind legs yet). Dr. Hannah has been able to do a very basic trim just to get some of the big slipper feet taken down a bit. She has been able to trim the fronts but haven’t been able to trim the hinds yet but she can pick up and touch her hind legs to pick out her feet. Daphne will be here December 8th so hopefully with another week or so of practice and with Daphne’s amazing way with horses she’ll be able to trim her hind feet as well. We are hoping to have some xrays before Daphne comes out so she’ll have a better idea of how much she can take off — at the moment the xray machine won’t accept running multiple extension cords up to their paddock but Sienna is very close to where she could CAREFULLY be brought down to the arena for xrays. She is wearing a rain sheet and is on a bit of a diet but with the slow feeder net shes had hay in front of her 24/7.