Sierra (aka Baby or Wildfire) was rescued by SAFE in early 2006 as a 6 month old filly, along with her dam Brandy, a pony mare. Her sire was reportedly a mustang. As a filly, Sierra was black with a blaze and two blue eyes. At the time of her rescue, Sierra was slightly underweight, but she was still nursing, so overall her condition was not too bad. She spent her first several months as a SAFE horse in foster care, and ended up as a companion to an orphaned colt. As a foal, Sierra was very friendly and loved interacting with humans. By fall of 2006, Sierra had been adopted to a wonderful home in Port Orchard where she lived in the company of other horses as well as donkeys, llamas, and other farm animals. We had several opportunities to visit Sierra at her adoptive home and watch her transformation from a little black filly to a lovely white mare:

Several months ago, we were contacted by Sierra’s adopters who told us that they could no longer keep her due to changes in their lives. Attempts to place her into another home were unsuccessful, and eventually we decided that we would take Sierra back into our herd. She’s 11 years old now, and while she remains a very nice mare and has been very well cared for by her adopters, she hasn’t had any formal training. This is something that SAFE can provide for her through our training program. Our hope is that she can become a riding horse for a child or small adult. Time will tell.

Welcome back, Sierra!