After SIX YEARS as a SAFE horse, we are thrilled to announce that Stella has found a HOME!

Lisa came a long way to meet Stella and we are sure glad she did! This is a perfect match and we are so happy that Stella has found her family. It is always a great day when we introduce a horse to an adopter and you can just see all the pieces falling right into place. If the smile on Lisa’s face as she rode Stella for the trial wasn’t enough, how relaxed and happy Stella was sealed the deal for us!

Stella has settled well into her new barn and Lisa reports she even has a boyfriend! We do miss her sweet calls around SAFE saying hi to all the other horses but knowing that she is where she is meant to be brings joy to all of us. Lisa has a wonderful trainer who thinks Stella is a very smart mare and is helping the two get to know each other through groundwork and riding lessons.

We are very thankful for the years of dedication to Stella’s training that our volunteer Casey had donated. Stella’s growth and maturity into the well started riding horse she is today is a direct result of Casey’s attention and love. It is hard to say goodbye to a long-time member of the SAFE herd but knowing what a great life Lisa is going to provide for her and the dedication she has to giving Stella what she needs to thrive is a blessing. It took a while to find Stella’s perfect match but we are so glad Lisa came into her world. This little mare is worth it all and this adoption is what the SAFE mission is all about: giving well deserving horses the foundation and best opportunity to find loving families that can support them in the next phase of their lives. We can’t wait to hear wonderful updates and see what adventures Stella and Lisa share on their journey together!