Skye is currently living up at Half Trak Farm as she begins part 2 of her training journey with Andrea Lucianna.

Skye's "Happy Place"

Skye’s “Happy Place”

When Skye first arrived at Half Trak, she had a bit difficulty settling in. At first she would not tolerate being in a stall and would pace, refuse to eat, and make a mess of herself. Turning her out didn’t help much either, as she would spend most of her time running and very little eating. They weren’t sure what to do and were getting pretty worried about her as her condition was deteriorating. But happily, Andrea did find a stall Skye likes and feels comfortable in. Although it’s one of the smaller stalls at Half Trak, it does not have a solid gate in front and she’s flanked on either side by friendly horses, so she feels a lot more comfortable. And as long as she is the first to go out in the morning, she does just fine in the stall. We are all very relieved that she was able to settle in at her training home.

Skye is walking under saddle in the arena. She is *very* close to trotting and will probably be ready in the next few days.

Like Cameo, Skye is also going to be a bit of a project for Andrea. She has a pretty spooky personality but when Skye spooks, her head goes straight up and she totally checks out. Trouble is that in this “checked out” state, she really does not have any respect for people and will happily run you right over. Andrea thinks this will get better as Skye gains confidence under saddle, but she may always be a horse you have to stay focused on when handling her. 

Unlike Cameo, however, Skye is not a dominant mare. Andrea calls her a big sweetie and says she’s super kind. Andrea thinks we’ll have no problem finding someone to fall in love with her.