Friday, June 21
Skye has had an easy day of roaming the round pen full of scary stuff. Dave said that she was a little wound up early on but by the end of the day, despite the tarps, barrels and the Cowboy Curtain of doom, she has calmed down. She got a chance to nibble on grass outside the pen. Then it was time to shut down for the evening and go back to her paddock for the night. Tomorrow is another day.

Sunday, June 23
It’s hard to believe it’s only Day 3 of Skye’s training. The tarp had her in a panic yesterday. Today…not so much! She is now able to work on a completely loose lead and is starting to understand basic commands. Yes, she has a lot to learn but she’s so smart and willing. Yay to both David & Julia Zanotelli! Great work so far.

Skye’s fit right into the herd — made friends particularly with David’s mare Jewby as well as doing incredibly well with her lessons. She’s going to make someone a terrific partner.

We have discovered that Skye really doesn’t like dogs. She chases them with murderous intent.

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