This past week, SAFE hosted two of Snohomish County Animal Control’s newest officers, Sarah Weaver and Ashlynn Trujillo for a day of hands-on education. Even for those with knowledge of horses, encountering an unknown horse in the field presents its challenges and questions, but we have quite a bit of tried and true experience when it comes to handling and assessing equines in need, and are more than happy to share this knowledge with those tasked with doing the same. There are not enough hours in the day to discuss the ins and outs of horse rescue, but over the course of the five hours the officers were on site, we were able to cover a good bit of ground. We reviewed a wide range of topics, such as how to safely approach and catch a horse, identifying common medical ailments, an overview on horse health and vitals, red flags that might indicate a horse is living in unsafe or unhealthy conditions, and more. Sienna and Veronica were great model horses, and even took the time to pose for a photo or two.

It is always a great day when steps are being taken to help save more horses, and in supporting our friends at SCAC in their education, it was a great day indeed. Thanks again to Officers Weaver and Trujillo for spending the day with us, and to Snohomish County for the partnership.