This past weekend was an incredible one for SAFE. Two special events took place — the Reber Ranch “Fill The Trailer” and Horsepitality Too!‘s Santa party — and the generous outpouring of love & support has us all feeling extremely thankful and a little bit amazed.

Jazzy & friend

Jazzy & friend

Thanks to the generosity of the customers at Reber Ranch, we did indeed come home with a full trailer, stacked to the roof with bales of hay and bags of feed. We cannot thank the staff of Reber Ranch enough for everything they did for us — they worked hard all day to help us reach our goal and as our trailer became fuller and fuller, they seemed just as thrilled and excited about it as we were. We also had the support of two amazing volunteers, Diane and Lisa, who spent the day introducing customers to Jazzy and encouraging them to pitch in and help fill the trailer.

All in all, it was an incredible event and with the hay & grain that was purchased for us, along with the cash donations we received, we’ve added $1700 to the total for our Fall Into Winter Feed Drive, bringing us up to $3,434 raised to date. We still have a way to go to reach our goal, but if you missed out on the chance to help out at Reber Ranch this weekend, you can still be part of the celebration by making a donation to our Fall Into Winter Feed Drive!

Joker & Santa

Joker & Santa

While all the happy madness was taking place at Reber Ranch, another special event was taking place over at the stables of Horsepitality Too! We’d like to thank the hostess of the day Chrissy Lynch who decided to turn her holiday party into a fundraiser for SAFE. Chrissy went all out to make this a special day, and it was an amazing success with hundreds of people stopping by for pony rides, crafts for sale, and pictures with Santa. Thank you to everyone at Horspitality Too! for their hard work making this event so much fun for everyone who came — special thanks to Jet, Maeve, and Lynn! They raised a total of $540 for SAFE on Saturday. The other wonderful person who decided to raise money for SAFE at this event was our good friend photographer Liz Stabbert, who did two days of Christmas portrait sessions and donated 25% of her earnings to SAFE, bringing the total raised for the event to an even $900.

We are so lucky to have such wonderful supporters and friends, and for a weekend devoted to fundraising, this was a LOT of fun! Thank you to everyone who helped — we are so grateful that you’re part of this mission to help feed horses in need!!