Sophie had her first dental float this week! We were able to confirm that she is coming four years old this year. One baby cap came off during the float and one wolf tooth was extracted with no trouble. She needs a little work with needles for sedation but wasn’t too difficult. Her teeth looked good with no major issues.

Dr. McCracken remarked how big she has gotten since she came in last summer. She is filling out a bit and we think she may grow a bit more! We will have to get the stick out and measure her to see how tall she is currently. She also looks to have some white specks coming through in her summer coat so we may have a pretty red roan on our hands soon!

Sophie was out with Emmy at foster this winter and both came back into Safe Harbor this Monday. After she is settled into the routine we will start her back into groundwork training. Our plan is to send her to Joel Conner in July for a professional start of 60–90 days. She is very sweet girl and once she is started I don’t think she will stay long in the rescue. She is going to be a very nice horse!