Who’s that hiding under those luscious locks? None other than Sparky, of course! Our good friend Candi recently visited Sparky at his loving foster home, and found him to be just as cute as ever. But words aren’t always to be believed, so we had her take some photos as proof.

Sparky is truly living the dream life at Jackie’s ‘slacker camp.’ We miss his sweet hee-haws and kind little eyes here at SAFE on the daily, but we know that he is being given the absolute best care (and companionship!) at his foster home. Candi caught him during his pasture time, where he was happy as.. well, a donkey on grass! We are always careful to monitor the grass consumption of our equines, especially our little ones, so rest assured that Sparky is always given his fair share without going over the limit.

Sparky will be returning for Heart of the Horse this July, and he might come with a special guest in tow… stay tuned.