Gerry and Robbie Meisner retired to Roy, WA, after a lifetime in academia in Tennessee. Having learned everything they needed to know about horses at a wonderful rescue called Horse Haven Equine, and feeling grateful for the opportunity to rescue their horses: CeCe and Tacoma, they felt the need to give back to the community which had given them so much. In October of 2014 they set out to find a rescue where they could donate their time. For almost 6 years, this amiable couple has been driving up from Roy every other weekend to do barn chores at our farm, even though they have their own place to tend. Not only have Gerry and Robbie been an integral part of our Sunday chores team, they have helped at every horse show, and done data entry for us behind the scenes.

Gerry and Robbie help us with adoption and alumni site checks down in their area as well. They are part of our SAFE family and we have relied on them for years. We are so grateful for all they bring to SAFE. 2020 is a new level of retirement for Gerry and Robbie and they will be staying down south to focus on their farm. I am happy to report they will still be helping with the show and plan to come up for a work party or two throughout the year. Thank you, Gerry and Robbie, for your many years of kind and compassionate service. We will miss you on the Sunday crew, but we wish you well as you enjoy your farm and critters. Give CeCe and Tacoma a pat for us!