We enjoyed an amazing 3 days working with Joel Conner in Ellensburg. Our goal was to get the first rides on Fancy and give Stella and Cameo experience off property. We did that and so much more.

I’m impressed by how well-prepared Fancy was for her first rides and what a peaceful and understanding experience Casey gave to her. She was relaxed and accepting of a rider without issue. She made big changes each day and it was a perfect way to introduce her to carrying a rider. She going to be a phenomenal mare with a very bright future!

Stella blew us all away with her mad cow horse stills! She’s a natural, brave and took right to it! Huge changes in her soft feel and finding a serious stopping power in her hind end!! She is gets right to work off site and settles in to it like she’s at home. Such a gifted mare and Casey has done a fantastic on taking her through the snaffle bit…I dare say I can see her going to the hackamore by the end of the summer!!

Cameo lived through the cows and with Joel’s help got close enough to move them on her own. So much to still sort out for this mare but the experience was perfect to help her issues with leaving and disconnecting. She looks and feels like a completely different horse as this Horsemanship work helps her let down. Balanced, connected and content this mare is going to make it!

We can’t thank Joel enough for his guidance and encouragement. Joel, your support of SAFE, our mission and our horses in inspiring and is such a gift to our community. Thank you for helping us create better lives for our horses and changing the way people see a rescue horse!!