SAFE owes a very big thank you to volunteer rider Casey for all her efforts and steadfast devotion to Stella through her rehabilitation and training. This little mare is full of life and has a BIG heart. She is more than ready to find her special someone and a family to love her forever! Here is an update from Casey about Stella and their work together: 

Stella has been doing very well on the ground and under saddle. After her rehab I noticed some regression in some areas, including being bothered by the flag, particularly when switching eyes, and by things touching her hind legs. These areas of regression make sense because she was stall bound for months, and due to the nature of her injury, we couldn’t really work around her hind legs in a way that would cause much movement. We’ve been working through these issues now that she is sound, and she has shown significant improvement, but I suspect that these areas will need to be continually revisited.

Though there were a few areas of regression, she has really maintained her softness and responsiveness. She is always ready to work and readily cues in to my feel, which is something I’ve always loved about her. All of the exercises that we had worked on prior to her injury have served us well while she was rehabbing and while rebuilding strength in her hind end. There are days where she is more spirited but overall, she is very pleasant and well mannered.