Stella is growing up nicely and has become much more consistent for other people to handle. She is easy to catch in turnout and happy to get groomed. She is still a little shy about letting people handle her feet but that’s continually improving too. She is a very brave filly! When she is unsure, she thoughtfully looks at new things with interest and quickly relaxes when she realizes that the scary thing isn’t dangerous. We are working on bridling a little bit, including having straps pass over her ears, and accepting a bit in her mouth. She’s also been introduced to a surcingle, and is getting more relaxed about having it put on and taken off. All in all, we’re pretty excited about this brave little filly! We may be looking for a foster home for her over the winter where she can spend some more time growing up before we start to think about starting her next year. We’d also consider adopting her as a prospect to someone looking for a young horse who has a clearly defined plan for starting her under saddle when she is physically mature enough to do so.