Stella has been a very good patient during her rehab work! She is calm and relaxed and has taken this all-in stride. Her volunteer rider, Casey, has been doing canter work as part of Stella’s strength building program. Unfortunately, she is showing some discomfort at the canter. Casey reports that she is swapping her leads and feels unbalanced.

Dr. Fleck came out to examine her in April and thinks that she may have injured her sacroiliac (SI) joint. The only way to confirm this would be to have a bone scan performed, which is an expensive procedure. He said that treatment would be an ultrasound-guided injection of cortisone into her SI joint, followed by stall rest and a hand-walking regimen. We chose the option given to us by Dr. Fleck of skipping the bone scan and having her joint injected to see if that solves the problem. She was hauled to the clinic on May 1st for the injection and home the same day.

Stella is a sweet mare. We’re confident that she will once again be a good patient for this go-round of rehab, and hopeful that we can get her back on the path to soundness.