Strider’s story will be featured in an upcoming issue of Pet Connection magazine, in an article written by Dr Hannah Mueller. Our Assistant Herd Health Coordinator Chelsey Braswell took these photos of Mr Strider a few days ago. Look at his back! It’s almost completely healed!! Way to go, Strider!!

Let’s take a moment to thank someone else who is very special to Strider: SAFE volunteer Sharman! Sharman is not only Strider’s sponsor, contributing $50 per month to his care, but she is usually the one you’ll see caring for the skin along his back. She’s played a big role in his amazing story, and we are very grateful for everything she does for this handsome horse. We are also very excited to announce that Sharman has agreed to become the Assistant Volunteer Coordinator for SAFE.

As Strider’s back gets better, we’re starting to think about what the future might hold for this horse. One thing that a lot of people say after spending time with Strider is that he has an uncanny ability to “connect” with them on a personal level. He has a lot of special friends, and many of them feel that this horse has had a very positive influence on them. When Strider was being cared for at NWESC, he had some opportunity to participate in Equine Facilitated Therapy and Learning, and Dr Eric Mueller PhD remarked that Strider has many qualities that he looks for in a good therapy horse. Strider may have an opportunity to try his hoof at Equine Facilitated Learning next month.…we’ll be sure to keep you posted on how that turns out.