A group of SAFE volunteers gathered recently at NWESC to see a demonstration by Hannah Evergreen, DVM of the daily wound care provided to Strider. While the process is uncomfortable for him, his attitude about the treatment is remarkably tolerant. Dr. Evergreen explained that Strider has made great progress in his healing…with scar tissue forming in many areas and even some hair regrowth. The rate of healing has slowed, but as long as progress is being made Dr. Evergreen remains hopeful that skin grafts will not be necessary.  Strider’s progress will continue to be carefully monitored to determine the best course of treatment.

Hello Beth!

Strider displayed his exceptionally personable and playful nature for the volunteers, attempting to steal a sip of SAFE President Jaime Taft’s mocha! The volunteers were there to learn about Strider’s daily care in preparation for the possibility of eventually moving him out of the hospital setting and transferring him to the SAFE farm. We will continue to keep you updated on his progress.