Strider is resting comfortably tonight after a three-hour skin graft procedure.

Last August, Strider survived a fire that destroyed the barn at Dutch Mill Farm and killed 6 other horses. He was badly burned all across his back. Since the fire, he’s been treated with daily debriding and lotions, and while he made good progress initially, over the last few months, his healing has slowed. To jumpstart Strider’s healing process, Dr Hannah Evergreen recommended we try a skin graft, a fairly unusual process for equines but one that is used quite often in humans to treat nonhealing wounds and burns.

Yesterday Strider underwent a procedure to remove the unhealed skin from his burns in preparation for today’s skin graft. Strider began his day today with a healing energy work session, followed by the three hour skin graft procedure. Skin grafts were taken from donor sites on Strider’s belly and chest and implanted into the burned areas. Now we wait to see if the grafts are accepted and hope that this procedure accelerates the healing process.

Strider is a brave and beautiful horse who has lived through a horrible tragedy. We hope that this procedure puts him back on the road to good health. Our sincere thanks to Dr Evergreen and her staff at Evergreen Holistic Vet Care for treating Strider, and to the kind people who donated to SAFE to help with Strider’s medical expenses.

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