Summer in summer

Summer: the ol’ girl keeps on kickin’! Kyle dropped two additional blankets off for the grande dame so her foster caretakers can mix and match as needed. Kyle says that Summer came out to meet her just as bright eyed as she imagined she can be. We’ve been very concerned about Summer over the past few months, since she has not been eating well, and she’s had a few scary episodes of reluctance to get up. In order to keep her weight up, we have adjusted her diet to include more of those tasty carbs that were taken away from her due to her Cushing’s. It’s not ideal, of course, but sometimes you have to consider which is worse, the disease or the cure? We would rather see her enjoying her food and eating it all than see her losing weight and leaving her food uneaten. Fortunately her groom tells us that Summer is eating much better and she is being carefully watched for any signs of trouble.

Summer is very well loved and pampered, and everyone involved with her care wants to see her remaining happy and comfortable. Truthfully, she may not be with us for a whole lot longer — the neglectful abuse that Summer suffered at the hands of her former owner was horrific, and tragically, it’s likely to have taken years off her life. Nevertheless she is a remarkably strong mare to have survived at all, and as long as there is a spark in her eye, we will keep caring for her and honoring that survival.