Summer is doing really well, and I can see that she feels much better now that she is on the Cushings medications. Her weight is great and she’s a great babysitter to the weanlings. I’ve also seen her gallop across the pasture a couple of times, so she is bright and perky. Her manure is still soft, but I switched her to Timothy hay and the most of her diarrhea has cleared up.

I just went outside to turn a couple of the horses out into the back pasture since it is such a nice day out. Summer was in the neighboring pasture and she got really excited and started galloping around the pasture. She did 3 or 4 laps and not only that, she threw in some really good bucks! Now I know for sure that the Cushings medication is helping her, she has NEVER done that before! I wish I had my video camera!

Here are a couple of photos of her from the summer. She is looking so good!