Update from foster home:

Hi fans of Summer,

I wanted to let everyone know how Summer is doing. We’ve been fostering her since late Sept. I needed a companion to my wonderful 30 year old gelding, Mac, and he and Summer really hit it off.

We lost Mac in mid January. He had been part of our family for 19 years and we miss him terribly. We are so fortunate to have many many happy memories of trail rides and adventures, but saying goodbye to an old friend is never easy.

I was so touched at how Summer handled Mac’s passing. She understood that he was gone, but she wanted to stay by him. We left her in our arena over night and she stood guard over Mac. She did not want to leave his side the next morning.

Summer is a very social horse and would never be happy by herself. Bonnie and Jaime were very understanding of our situation, and Bonnie was able to bring Bucky out to keep her company. Bucky is a little cutie, and he settled right in. They’ve been together for about 3 weeks now and they’re getting along really well. They are quite the Odd Couple — Summer is very tall and towers over Bucky. He follows her everywhere, and they enjoy eating together at the hay bunk.

Summer is a very special girl. My farrier and vet just love her. Her ground manners are wonderful, and she loves being rubbed and loved on. She is a very sweet and gentle mare, and we really enjoy having her in our barn.