Summer came home from Laura’s on Saturday, just in time for our little mini-snowstorm. I had her in a stall and I turned her out in the arena with Cedar yesterday for some turnout time. WOW did she play hard! I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes…she was galloping, doing sliding stops, bucking, and just having a good old time. Both her and Cedar were playing together and then both of them started doing that loud snorting thing horses do when they are very excited. It was like a little chorus:

“Snort SNORT!”


Anyway, she is feeling great. I think I might actually put a saddle on her and see how she does just walking and maybe a little trotting. She’s quite sound, she’s just got that poor arthritic neck, but you would only know it if you had to watch her put her head down. It obviously doesn’t affect her ability to run around and play!