Update from foster home:

Summer continues to do well. She and Bucky have become good friends and they have a nice routine established.

Summer reminds me quite a bit of a wonderful older horse we had many years ago. I found Wallstreet when he was 18 and I wanted a very calm and reliable mount for my husband, who was just learning to ride. Over the next 8 years, we successfully showed him at local shows — he didn’t win but he was always in the ribbons. He not only got my hubby hooked on horses, but he gave dozens of young kids their first ride. He was perfect with small kids. Summer has many of the same qualities, and could really blossom in the right environment.

My wish for Summer is to find a wonderful loving forever home. She is very affectionate and would love to have a family of her own to bond with. She’s very gentle and good with kids. While we very much enjoy fostering her, and will continue to foster her, she really deserves a permanent family of her own to pamper her. She can give so much back in return. She is a very special girl with a huge heart. She deserves someone very special.