I wanted to give everyone a quick update on Summer. We’ve been fostering Summer for the last six weeks and she’s doing really well. We lost our wonderful 29 year old TWH mare, Abby, in mid September, which left our Mac as an “only” horse. Mac is 30, and he’d never been alone before. He and Abby had been together for almost 20 years, and he was missing his friend terribly and was starting to get a little depressed. My vet suggested that we look for a rescue horse to foster or adopt, and we found Summer.

Summer and Mac are now quite an item. They have really bonded. Mac is much happier having a friend, and Summer has settled in very well. She’s looking very good, and she’s gotten rave reviews from my farrier and my vet. She has absolutely wonderful manners and is a doll to handle.

We feel very fortunate to have found Summer and we’re very grateful to SAFE for the opportunity to have Summer in our barn. She has really been the sunshine that we were looking for to help Mac out.