Sunny & Shasta paid a visit to the kids at Northwest Aerials yesterday. The visit was part of a package auctioned off at this year’s Heart of the Horse and won by Patti Gable, raising $500 for the SAFE horses in the process! Brittney and her friend Judie brought the two mini horses to Northwest Aerials and spent some time talking to two groups of kids, 30 from Cedar Springs camp and 25 from Northwest Aerials. The kids seemed to really enjoy meeting the horses, and had lots of questions for Brittney and Judie. It was an interactive session, with questions for the kids as well…the most memorable was when asked if anyone had pets, one girl replied that she has a little sister.

Thank you to Patti for purchasing the Mini Horse Meet & Greet package at Heart of the Horse, and to Brittney & Judie for making this visit happen. And as always, thank you Sunny & Shasta for your friendly willingness to meet new people and teach them to love horses!