Sienna is a sensitive horse with a lot of life. She’s a BLM mustang who looks like she has a mix of draft horse in her, so people might think she is lazy, but she’s not at all. Terry, who rides her, has worked hard on getting Sienna to relax and just stand still. In the past, Sienna would canter off if she couldn’t feel you holding her back.

On the ground, Sienna is one of our most trusted horses with our volunteers. We often use her to teach new volunteers how to halter and lead a horse. She is patient, not pushy and does not spook easily when walking to her paddock. She shows off her skills to new volunteers who are learning how to ask a horse to stop, back up, and politely come out of a stall.

Sienna is an “easy keeper” and can gain weight easily, so the staff soaks her timothy hay twice a day in water for 30 minutes. This removes some of the sugars and lessens the calories, but still provides bulk for her to feel full and forage on.

She loves being in a herd with other horses and tends to be the boss mare. Sienna does well when we take her away from the herd to work with her and waits patiently in the barn each morning all by herself eating her diet hay.

We are looking for an experienced rider to take this sweet mare home.