The Heart of the Horse “SweetHearts of the Rodeo” campaign is underway! We’re going to raise $40,000 for the horses at SAFE in the most fun way possible!

Twenty one SAFE horses are competing to be named “Rodeo Queen”, “Rodeo King”, and “Rodeo Clown” for Heart of the Horse. Each horse has a Team. Help your favorite win by joining their team then get busy raising donations and awareness about SAFE and our lovely horses! It’s remarkably easy and you’ll earn points for your team by inviting friends to join! 

The horses from each category who raise the most money will be crowned at a special coronation ceremony and everyone on the team will be invited to attend!

Step 1: Go to and join your favorite horse’s team!

Step 2: Create a Facebook fundraiser that automatically connects to your horse’s Team. Go to “Manage My Page” and follow the instructions to create your Facebook fundraiser!

Step 3: The sky’s the limit! You can share your campaign and ask friends to support SAFE because of what it means to you. You can also ask them to join your horse’s Team. The more people who know about your personal fundraiser, the more people will support the SAFE horses. 

Visit to get started!!

Click here for a step-by-step guide to getting started!