We are so pleased to announce the successful adoption of sweet Tabitha, now called Willa by her new family. This mare is in her element, loving long rides on the trails with her owner Alyssa and companionship of her retired 25-year-old draft mare, Ray. She has been busy on many adventures and Alyssa says she is impressed by how calm she was for the transition home. They are having a blast together and Willa has really muscled up and is sporting a very shiny summer coat.

There are many reasons why this adoption has been successful but one of the main reasons is how dedicated Alyssa was to taking the time to get to know her before she took her home. As Alyssa said she “was super grateful to have a ‘toolbox” of exercises to be able to keep her focused on me.” The ease of transition is a direct result of her ability to support Willa in the move which gave her a tremendous amount of comfort in her new surroundings.

SAFE prides our program on matching the right horse and rider. This adoption hits that out of the park! Happy trails to you both and we look forward to hearing about your wonderful journey together!