Tanis participated in her first clinic last weekend and made some huge changes! She has an ingrained reaction to pull back, so our focus was moving forward freely. The extra challenges presented by the clinic (other people waving flags, big open space with lots of horses, audience of people) actually really helped us progress. At the beginning of the clinic, I pretty much had to work constantly to keep Tanis with me and comfortable and at the end, she was practically sleeping at the end of the line! A huge new step for Tanis also, was trailer loading! She had always been loaded using a chute, but after a little bit of work, Tanis was loading like a champ. (See video below)
After the clinic, Tanis was seen by the farrier and had all four feet trimmed for the first time! She was a little nervous about Daphne (our farrier), but when Daphne pet her on the cheek, she absolutely melted. I’ve never met a horse who loved face pets as much as Tanis! This gorgeous mare will make one stunning pasture pet for someone and her sweet personality will have everyone falling in love with her.