Though it may technically still be winter, property maintenance is a year-round job! Last Friday was our inaugural work party of 2024, where we partnered with Bishop Blanchet High School for their first annual Staff & Faculty Day of Service. We had 14 members of their faculty and staff join us to tackle some projects in preparation for the spring.
Thanks to these folks, we were able to complete some needed paddock maintenance, laying a fresh new layer of gravel and re-leveling two shelter floors. They also helped us seal and paint our supply of lumber for fence repairs so it will be ready to go when the need arises. The team also cleared a gargantuan amount of leaves, fallen branches, and blackberries, and spent time clearing shelter roofs of debris. It was a fun and productive morning, and really made true the statement that many hands make light work.
We are grateful to the wonderful individuals from Bishop Blanchet who shared their time and hard work ethic with us, as well as the facilities volunteers who aided with prep, and were there day-of, to help make the day a success!