There’s no time like the present to get started training the new horses! We were told that Moon had some training and riding in her past when she was younger but it’s been a while. We always like to begin our new horses with groundwork sessions to help them learn the basics they will need to be handled. The first groundwork sessions help establish safe distance from handlers, moving forward and away from pressure, and not overreacting to outside stimuli. This work also helps the horses “join-up” with their handlers. Casey was kind enough to work with Moon during the Joel Conner clinic last weekend and help get this beautiful mare on the way towards her new life. Here is what Casey had to say about working with Moon:

I had the opportunity to work with Moon for two days of the clinic. When I went into her paddock to halter her, she came right up and was very sweet and inquisitive, and she stood well for grooming and seemed to enjoy it. However, when I led her out of the paddock, it became evident that she didn’t have much experience with leading or working on the ground. She pushed her shoulder into me, and completely lost track of me, which at her size was particularly concerning. The issue became more pronounced as Baby, her pasture mate, moved away from her. So the herd bound issue is where we started our work. 

We moved hindquarters then forequarters, with a release when she was facing away from Baby. It didn’t take too long before we got a change and could begin flag work, moving off on a feel, freedom of her feet, and moving around me without pushing in on the circle. We got some really great changes that carried into the second day, one of which included lowering her head so that I could get her halter on. She’s so tall! I’m really looking forward to working with her. I’m confident that she will be a safe and willing partner who’ll be ready for adoption in no time.

Here are also some photos of Moon the first weeks here at SAFE. She was a great girl both for her trim with Daphne and for the veterinary appointment where she got her vaccines and a dental. Sweet mare!