Aubrey spent two years at SAFE before being adopted as a companion horse in 2018. Sadly, Aubrey’s adopter experienced a medical issue and could no longer care for Aubrey or her elderly gelding, Ro. Upset and unsure what to do, the adopter called SAFE for help. We talked about both horses, the time needed for her to recover and the difficulties caring for them as she herself was aging. Ro had been in failing health for some time and the vets had told her that a peaceful euthanasia would be a gift, given the pain he was experiencing. Aubrey, while having her own health issues that prevent her from being a riding horse, is only 15 years old and has many good days still ahead of her. While she did not need to be rescued, she was in a difficult situation and needed our care once again.

While our hope is that all horses find their forever home when they leave SAFE, we are also always aware that life can change for their families. We are grateful that Aubrey’s adopter was able to reach out to us and that we have the space to take her back into the herd. She is overdue for her dentals and vaccinations but looks to be in good health, with a shinny summer coat and bright eyes.
Aubrey is a sweet mare but does have some behavioral issues to note. She does best in an outdoor living situation. In stalls, she can begin to weave and drink excessive amounts of water (which is a sign of boredom or stall anxiety). Aubrey was used on the race track as a pony horse for the Thoroughbreds heading to and from the race. She has very tender hooves that may require shoes or boots at times if they bother her. We had x‑rays done before she was adopted and found no signs of founder but there was some damage to the tip of her coffin bone. She also has an old bowed tendon on her LF. Let’s just say as far as TB types go, Aubrey is a delicate flower but we love every bit of her, imperfections and all!
We look forward to getting reacquainted with Miss Aubrey and helping her transition back to the herd and helping get her on track again for adoption. We want to always be there for the horses who come into our lives. Knowing that they have a lifetime of safety is one of the best parts of our mission. Welcome home, Aubrey! You are safe again with your friends!