Theo wore a saddle for the first time at the end of February. It seems like just a handful of days before that, Theo was having his first groundwork sessions… and that’s because he was. The forward progress of this sweet guy has been swift and easy, making him somewhat of an anomaly amongst the horses we normally work with.

But Theo is a good representation of what a horse without much trouble looks like. He received no bad start, and therefore has no reason to fear or mistrust things like the flag and the rope and the saddle. He is able to look to humans for support, and with a clean slate, is able to start fresh here at SAFE. There are spots in Theo, sure — moments of uncertainty, a minor startle here and there, nothing that you wouldn’t expect in any horse with a beating heart, especially one who is just learning the ropes. But overall, Theo has taken everything we have thrown at him in stride, and is well on his way to becoming a very nice horse.

Theo’s future looks about as bright as the color of his coat, and we are so excited to continue helping this boy through his education!