We have all fallen in love with Gunnar! This handsome half-Arabian is as sweet as they come. At the time of his intake we were told that he was 11 years old, but physically he looks like an older gentleman and his dental revealed teeth that look much older, as well. He is still stunning and sprightly, but you can tell that he’s not a spring chicken. The puzzle pieces all fell into place when we looked into his pedigree and found that he is actually 22.

Gunnar still looks at life with a cautious attitude, but he responds well to reassurance from his human friends in situations that he feels uncertain about. He learned to accept a flag, tarps, blankets, spray bottles, and hoses without much fuss. Becoming a gelding didn’t really have an effect on his personality since he never really acted like a stallion in the first place. Based on his attitude, if you didn’t know that he was recently a stallion, you’d have guessed he was a gelding the whole time.

Gunnar came into us underweight and kind of scraggly. He is now shiny and at a good weight thanks to a couple of baths, balanced nutrition, and 4 mashes daily. Eating hay is not his favorite activity—he’d much rather dance in his hay and wait until mash time rolls around to eat.

Because of his enlarged knee, Gunnar has very limited range of motion in his right front leg. But that doesn’t seem to slow him down. Even though he has a hitch in his giddy up, his trot is still beautiful and floaty, and moving out doesn’t seem to bother him too much. With his Arab tail flying, he is quite a sight!