SAFE Barn Manager Lori has developed a very close relationship with Prince and worked with him for quite a while to help him prepare for the day he would be adopted. She shared these thoughts with us:

I woke up this morning thinking about Prince and how far he has come. I remembered the first day Joel got on him. He ran and ran forever. Joel was amused at how much he just wanted to run and didn’t want to stop. I then remembered that weekend when I first got on him in Joel’s clinic. He couldn’t stand still. Serious ants in his pants and all he wanted to do was move (run). I had to keep him walking in a circles the entire clinic. Calling and screaming. I thought this horse would never stand still. I witnessed and experienced him sticking to you like glue for security and confidence. He ran people over trying to get to his herd where he felt safe. If you weren’t careful he could have really hurt someone.

Watching him this last Thursday walk slowly and calmly around the arena with a somewhat nervous rider made me realize how far he has come. He was so good with her, as if to know exactly how she was feeling and what she needed. He stood quietly and waited until she was ready. I am so proud of this boy. He has gone from that excited, nervous boy to a well broke trail horse and now even a bit of a babysitter for someone who might have lost her confidence. Which we all can relate to. So this is what I am taking away from my experience with this horse. Something I will always keep close to my heart. So very, very proud of him.