Caiti and I worked on her rain rot and gave her a thorough grooming complete with a pretty braided tail over the weekend. She tied in the stall very well and was practically falling asleep on us as we groomed her and showed us her funny face as we scratched all her itchy spots. 

We moved her to the small paddock next to Slam, Vanna and Tara so she could stretch her legs out a bit and enjoy the sun. Slam and Vanna were very gracious to their new neighbor, sniffing noses sweetly; but then Queen T came in to let Tia know that she is the boss That didn’t last long until Tara realized that she needed to chase Vanna away from Slam. Ah, horsie attention spans.

Tia was very content to stand in the shelter and watch the horses in the other paddocks. She’ll look great once she gets all fattened up