Just a quick update on Tia. This morning she was again very agitated when the barn crew arrived and once again was given Ace to settle her down, which only brought her anxiety level down from about an 8 or a 9 to maybe a 5. Tia’s bloodwork came back and was somewhat inconclusive. Her liver function numbers were elevated but not so far out of range to be indicative of liver failure. Other numbers were also out of whack and Dr. Hannah made the decision to start her on Prednisone (a steriod) to help reduce any inflammation if there is a tumor internally. I stopped by this afternoon to check in on her and found her napping quietly in the back of her stall, so that was a relief. However, her left eye (her good eye) was oozing and she was holding it shut and it acting like it was bothering her a great deal. So Dr. Hannah is now suspecting that her anxiety may be due to the fact that she is losing or has lost sight in that eye. We’ll get a better update tomorrow and keep crossing our fingers, toes, and hooves that Tia settles down and goes back to her old self.