This is Honeycutt with a blog post from my website, Honeycutt Nation. My good friend Debi sent me some terrible photos of the destruction that took place at the SAFE farm during the terrible snow storm. Look!

This was the hay house at the SAFE farm in Monroe, where all the hays were kept until it was time for the SAFE horses to be eating them. The terrible storm came and ripped a big hole in the roof and then knocked it over. Luckily there were no hays in it at the time because they hadn’t been unloaded yet, which means that when you are supposed to do something and you don’t do it yet, sometimes that it’s a good thing. But I’m just a horse and I really don’t understand procrastination.

I have been sad for days thinking about all the hays at the SAFE farm with no place to live, but then Mom told me that a new friend named Liesel has given SAFE some dollars to use to make a new hay house! I think that the dollars should be used to build a big hay house that holds many, many hays and that won’t fall over if the terrible weather comes back. We don’t know how many dollars it would take to make a big new hay house, but thanks to our friend Liesel, we have a very good start on having enough dollars.