Some horses jump fences that tower a horse-height above them. Some run races at breakneck speeds. Some move cattle out on the open range. And others are destined more a more leisurely life, filled with lots of paddock naps and some very casual walks in the park. This lifestyle is the one Declan is destined for.


Since his lameness eval and subsequent joint injection, Declan has been taking it easy. Our vets feel that the way to keep him most comfortable under saddle will be to limit his sessions to just a few times a week, and mostly at the walk. But will you really hear him complaining?


Because of the recommendation to more or less retire him from any sort of demanding arena work, we decided the best path forward for Declan would be as an easy trail horse. And so far, things seem to be looking good for him in this realm. A recent walk around the property (his first time out of the arena) saw him as a very brave boy, taking the new environment in stride. A week or so later, he accompanied friends on a trail ride in Farrel McWhirter and was a great partner for his rider, who felt he was solid the whole way through.


After his ride, Declan got a cool shower, which he pretended not to enjoy (pictured) but relaxed right into. He is a sweet and willing gelding, now all he needs is a forever home!