WOW! What a 2020 so far for Cassidy!! She came out of winter full speed ahead for her training. We had a great clinic with Joel Conner in March to get her confirmed as a riding horse and since then she has been steadily making progress. In June, Joel helped us again as she participated in her first small group clinic, riding in the big arena with other horses. Lots to get used to in there including not worrying about other horses passing or coming towards us and keeping focus on her rider. It was a big accomplishment!

In July, Cassidy was ready for a big step forward: we participated in Buck Brannaman’s clinic in Ellensburg WA. This was a great opportunity for Cassidy. She was loaded onto the trailer multiple times during the long weekend, traveling to and from the event to our friend’s property for stabling. She had to work in an arena with 30 other horses and riders at all different levels of experience. This was a three day clinic and each day the mare got better and better. Ending on Sunday with probably the most connected, relaxed and confident ride to date! Personally I was VERY impressed with her transformation, from the terrified herd-bound mare that came to SAFE a year ago, to a beautiful trained riding horse who, while still needing support from her rider, has the tools and experience to make it as a riding horse.

Last fall, a wonderful adopter came to meet a few horses at SAFE. At the time the horses she was interested in were just beginning their training to become riding horses. During that visit she unexpectedly fell in love with one of the mares she hadn’t noticed on the website, Cassidy. Fast forward to this summer and Bri came back to ride and fall even more in love with her! The pair literally gave me goosebumps on her second riding visit. Bri loves Cassidy’s life, she has come a few times to get to know the tools she has to get and keep her focus and bond with her before taking her home. We are excited as they begin their trial adoption period and know this mare is ready to make this next step in her life. It has been an honor and a privilege to help Cassidy find her peace with people and grateful for the trust she has shown me.

Some of you might be worried about our little fillies herd who has grown very close to Aunt Cassidy. Well, they already have been introduced to a new Aunt named Pearl and Teddi will soon join their herd as she returns from foster.