Sweet Tasara is coming along well in her training. She has been working steadily with a saddle on her back for a few weeks now and doing well. She is a very sensitive mare and we are working on helping her relax through the groundwork. There are many things we can do to help her regulate her reactions to things. Helping her get comfortable with increasing and decreasing energy is key to her success. She has a very kind nature which has allowed us to let a few volunteers  assist in her groundwork training. We have started to see her confusion and anxiety decrease, and she’s become quicker to relax. The changes in her body are visible as she develops trust in her handlers.

At the last Joel Conner clinic at SAFE, we had one of our youngest volunteers take Tasara in to the morning groundwork sessions. Jennifer had spent a few days a week at SAFE during the summer and was a big help with the horses. She worked with a few horses and she and Tasara developed a very good rapport. Jennifer’s quiet nature is very reassuring to Tasara and they are a good pair. Here is a little of what Jennifer had to say about her first Horsemanship clinic and working with Tasara:

I really enjoyed being able to participate in the clinic. Joel taught Tasara and me many helpful skills that I know will benefit us both later on. Tasara was very patient when I was trying something new and was willing to work with me even when something didn’t make sense. It was hard for both of us to not be distracted by other people and their horses working around us, but we still managed to work together. She was very easy going and calm once she got used to the environment around her. She didn’t mind the horses around her and even if one was acting out she didn’t even seem to notice. I’m glad to get the chance to be around other people learning the same skills as me with their horses and I’m looking forward to Joel coming back!