Annabelle is getting settled into the routine at Safe Harbor Stables. For the first week she was a bit nervous when other horses where being moves around from turnout or to the arena. She also would start calling and running even if the horse across from her went out to their run and she could not see them any more. She has since settled down quite a bit. Mornings are still a little exciting but she loves her breakfast and the hay bag is keeping her busy! 

We had her first farrier appointment and all went relatively well. We have some work to do in teaching her to standing quietly but all and all it was managed. Part of the anxiety may also still be connected to her being unsettled in the new environment. Volunteer rider Sydney has added Annabelle to her senior project and is working on helping the mare focus on her handler’s aids and find peace in the work together. While she has shown a sweet side she also has little to no understanding about personal space. One big issue is her falling or putting her shoulder into the person walking her. In just one week of training we have already seen some very nice changes and expect that it will keep progressing well.

Annabelle was seen by Dr. Liz Devine from Pilchuck for a soundness evaluation due to multiple issues with old leg injuries. Dr Devine looked at the thickening in Annabelle’s right front deep digital flexor tendon, the scar on her left hind cannon bone, and the lump on her left hind pastern joint. However, the lameness exam showed only mild (1/5) lameness in the left hind with an occasional lame step in right front. Dr. Devine indicated that it would be safe to put Annabelle to work in light training and if she becomes more lame, we can consider further diagnostics at that time.