Sue had the pleasure of riding Aries in our last Joel Connor Clinic in June. Here’s what she had to say:

I was given the unexpected opportunity to work with Aries for two days of the June 2021 Joel Conner clinic. This was my first chance to work with her, and also my first opportunity to ride a SAFE horse in the clinic. Aries is a sweet mare who wants to please. She braces on her shoulders, so we worked on the ground getting her to move her front end laterally. Most of my one on one time with Joel was spent with me learning the art of using Mecate reins, bending, changing direction, and a one rein stop.  There is a lot to learn for a long time hunter rider, with lots of potential pitfalls. Both Terry and Joel walked me through the mechanics of it patiently. Aries was also patient and filled in nicely! It was exciting to have this chance to extend my riding. Thanks to Terry, Joel, and Aries.”