Here is what volunteer rider Erika had to say about working with Bridgit this week:

Bridgit: She was in the top turnout area above the arena while I worked Cam. And was pretending to be a bucking bronco almost the whole time. I thought it would be a “fun” or “exciting” ride, and it was. But only because Bridgit was a ROCK STAR!! Seriously. We worked exclusively in the round pen today, with no trot poles. Rode her in the K&S instead of the black synthetic. Going one direction, we went from Walk-Trot-Lope-Trot-Walk-Halt-Reverse with NO REINS. Yep, you read that correctly. We tried the other direction and we got all the way up and down, but didn’t quite get to a halt. I *THINK* we were going right when we went through everything, and then left was when we didn’t get to halt. At any rate, this may have been the best ride we’ve ever had, and I told her she was SUCH a good girl! Super proud of how far she’s come!”

Great work Erika and Bridgit!!