We are always so pleasantly surprised when a nice horse like Cosmo comes into Safe Harbor. He is gentle to handle and he takes everything we ask of him in stride. Joel put a first ride on him for us in the September and while things went well there were a few training holes that we felt Joel could help Cosmo through. So he went for a mini retraining visit to Ellensburg with Joel for a few weeks.

I was able to go over and spend a few days at Joel’s to get to know Cosmo as a riding horse before bringing him home. He was just a doll and pretty easy to get along with as a riding partner. The biggest issue was making sure he didn’t get dull to the leg and that we were careful asking him to back up. He was pretty “stuck” backing and this could be from the use of harsh bits in his past. Now with proper riding and understanding he is able to back without panic or fear. He is a dream to work with and a very kind boy.

At home we were able to let many of the volunteer riders handle and ride him due to his gentle nature. There was already a line of applications to meet him on his return so over the next few weeks we had quite a few showings. He was a start for everyone which made the choice to pick him the best home fall onto our adoption committee’s shoulders. After a number of return visits and rides, a wonderful family was selected and he has gone home with them on trial. We hope very much to be announcing his successful adoption after the trial period ends. What better thing than an adoption gift for the holidays!?!