Einstein is a true smarty-pants! We have introduced tack and a rider’s weight, taking things slowly as he still has some weight and muscle to gain over his back. He has been an absolute gem about everything. He is getting used to the flag work and connects very well to our body language and aids. He is a sensitive guy and he only requires a light amount for “ask” to get the desired response. Volunteer rider Sydney has taken him under her tutelage and he is going to be part of her senior class project. We have also been very happy with his glue on shoes that were donated by farrier Jake Cowden. Einstein was a model horse for the application of the shoes and stood quietly for the preparation of the outer hoof as well as for the glue to “set”. He is moving comfortably with the shoes and we are hopeful that he once he grows his heels out a bit more, perhaps with one more rotation of “glue ons”, we can put a regular set of shoes on him.