Sue had the opportunity to work with Jasper in the last Joel Connor Clinic in June. Here’s what she had to say:

I was fortunate to spend one day of the June 2021 Joel Conner clinic working with Jasper. I had been working with him on my own for several weeks, but was excited to have some guidance to see what I was doing right and wrong. Jasper came to SAFE extremely wary and without confidence. He has improved greatly since arriving but still spooks easily. My challenge has been to find a balance where I can push hard enough to get a change in his behavior but still help him to relax. He started the clinic very nervous sharing the outdoor arena with so many other people and horses, but as we worked he was more able to focus on me and what I was asking. He is extremely stuck on his front end, and sometimes spins on it when asked to move his hind quarters. Joel helped me with exercises to move his front quarters laterally and forward, and also to back more responsively. I am happy to report that this has been extremely helpful and I have seen a good change in how he performs both hind quarters and front quarters since the clinic. 

I also want to mention anecdotally that Jasper and I went on a trail walk with Lucca, Aries, and Barb last week. He was nervous but he handled it like a champ. Thanks to Terry for the opportunity and to Joel for the guidance.”